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Restaurants that are included in an Restaurants Database, Directory & Marketing List are likely to receive more inquiries regarding their services, and this means their business is bound to benefit in terms of increased number of customers. There are many other parties too that are bound to benefit from having access to such information.

People who would benefit from a Database of restaurants:

Tour guides
These are people in charge of taking tourists around their places of interest. They become relatively close to the visitors, and since not all visitors book accommodation in advance, such visitors often ask them questions regarding accommodation, interesting local spots and so on.


Sometimes flights fail to take off as scheduled and the airline might wish to organize for passengers to put up and feed in a particular restaurant for ease of co-ordination. Again, there are times that an airline takes on the responsibility of facilitating travel as well as accommodation for particular visitors.

Event Organizers

These people usually take on full responsibility for organization of a function including catering services, and they will derive useful information from an Restaurants Database, Directory & Marketing List. One would like to use a restaurant that has decent and affordable meals, and one that has delivery services. Again, if the event is of a religious nature, the organizers would like to pick a restaurant that fits the relevant religious needs.


All suppliers of consumables, including fresh foods; those of laundry equipment; TVs; floor polish and such other products would find the mailing list of restaurants handy. It would help to know where to look for tenders depending on the size or type of the restaurant, and also its location.

Important things a good Marketing List of Restaurants should have:

Correct name of restaurant
Size-in terms of sitting capacity and/or square meters
E-mail address
Physical and postal address
Unique features, if any, e.g. being exclusive to some group or other, religious or secular.
Special services rendered or special activity facilitated, e.g. bird watching, boating, etc.
Unique dish served, if any
The database should give up-to-date data and information for it to be useful. If a business person uses a dormant e-mail or postal address for communication that has a deadline, it might lose a precious opportunity in a manner worse than if the list never existed.

The Directory should be based on a database that is versatile so that it is possible to create more relevant data fields on the e-mail list or even trim down some of the existing ones.